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[HIRED] Become Puzl CowOrKing's new Interior Designer!
6 months ago

Become Puzl CowOrKing's new Interior Designer! With our continuing expansion we are in need of a talented designer with good taste (we don't do Mutro-Baroque) who understands that the most expensive piece is not always the best option. This person will be responsible for the design of our future coworking spaces - he/she will be in charge of everything from the area's design and layout, through defining specific functions of the space, to decorating it.

What you probably will do:
    • New spaces.
    • New concepts.
    • Improve existing designs.
    • Focus on usability.
    • Interior layouts.
    • Interior decoration.
    • Renovation budget.
    • Design furniture.
    • Create furniture.
    • Grow.
    • Improve.

What that means:
    • You'll conceptualize our new spaces.
    • They need desks, offices, meeting rooms, etc.
    • You'll figure those out.
    • Like their numbers and position.
    • You'll design our spaces.
    • First the layout.
    • 3D models come here.
    • Walls, platforms, doors, lights, plugs, etc.
    • Then decorate.
    • We already have 3 spaces.
    • Your designs will need to be consistent with them.
    • But can improve.
    • And innovate.
    • But only if you put usability first.
    • Aesthetics second.
    • Also furniture.
    • Order good one.
    • Or design new furniture.
    • Find the right people to make it.
    • Or visit unorthodox places to find furniture.
    • Flea markets.
    • Old hotels.
    • Schools.
    • Abandoned factories.
    • Then repurpose.
    • Finally improve.
    • Grow your skills.
    • Seek new trends and innovations.
    • Find cool new ideas.
    • Increase our uniqueness.
    • Think you're up to it?
What you probably won't do:
    • Write thousands of lines of code.
    • Make Facebook covers.
    • Write contracts.
    • Our quarterly financial reports.
    • Walk people around the space.

What you need to be:
    • An actual Interior Designer.
    • Like that would be good.
    • For starters.
    • Tasteful.
    • Cost-aware.
    • Proficient in English.
    • Experience + Talent >>> Degree.
    • Responsible.
    • Capable of producing 3D models.
    • Curious.
    • Super organized.
    • Also, know your furniture.
    • IKEA is not everything.
    • Functionality-lover.
    • Able to defend your designs.
    • Scrupulous.
Remember - Aesthetics without ethics are cosmetics.

What you don't need to be, but we will appreciate if you are:
    • Fun.
    • Open-minded.
    • Coffee lover.
    • Morning person.
    • Traveler.
    • Good at taking photos.
    • Especially of furniture.
    • Barefoot.

Who we are:
    • We were an IT startup.
    • We came to Sofia in October 2014.
    • We wanted a cool office.
    • We couldn't find one.
    • So we build a coworking office.
    • We opened it in October 2015.
    • We used to be 800 m2.
    • Now we are 3,000 m2.
    • We used to have 80 people.
    • Now it's like 350.
    • We used to be CowOrKing Space by Puzl.
    • We rebranded.
    • Now we are Puzl CowOrKing.
    • It's simpler.
    • We are IT only.
    • And we are an IT Hub now.
    • The biggest one.
    • But just in Central and Eastern Europe.
    • For now.
    • We are expanding.
    • 2,500 m2 in renovation.
    • Plans for 50,000 m2 more in the next year.
    • And then we'd like to grow some more.
    • We hear Vilnius, Berlin and Prague are nice.
    • We plan on paying them a visit.
    • We might like it and stay permanently.
    • We like good food.
    • And coffee.
    • But we prefer mojitos.

What you should know:
    • We don't have bosses.
    • We don't have a management team.
    • We don't micromanage.
    • We are doers.
    • We expect you will be one, too.
    • You manage yourself.
    • You make your own tasks.
    • We trust you to execute them.
    • We don't meddle.
    • But we discuss.
    • And we can help (If you want us to).
    • We want results.
    • It's up to you how to achieve them.
    • We all make mistakes.
    • We don't deal in excuses and justifications.
    • And we don't blame.
    • If you fail once it's fine.
    • But we will expect you'll learn a lesson.
    • And won't repeat the same mistake twice.
    • We work like that.
    • You interested?

Why join?
    • No bosses.
    • You matter.
    • You have freedom.
    • We have a beautiful office.
    • We designed it.
    • Also, a roof.
    • We share.
    • We pay based on skills.
    • And market dynamics.
    • Not negotiation skills.

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