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[HIRED] Become The Voice (Marketing/PR) of Puzl CowOrKing
6 months ago

Become The Voice of Puzl CowOrKing! We are looking for that one special person who will shape the way our brand communicates and presents itself online and offline, based on our already established identity.


Note: This is a Marketing/PR position.

What you probably will do:
    • Our blog.
    • Our social media.
    • Our website.
    • Our events.
    • Our marketing.
    • Our videos.
    • Our presentations.
    • Our pitch decks.
    • Our whitepapers.
    • Our merchandise.
    • But mostly importantly our Voice.
(Note: A voice can be represented in many forms. Audio, video, image, text, multi.)

What that means:
    • You'll create content.
    • Actually, you'll lead the content creation.
    • And that content needs a consistent voice.
    • You'll be that.
    • Just like Airbnb. Or Wendy's. Or Donald J. Trump.
    • No, wait.
    • Not that last one.
    • You'll basically define our voice.
    • You'll execute it.
    • All of us will follow it.

What you probably won't do:
    • Contracts.
    • Invoices.
    • Administration.
    • Renovation.
    • Finances.
    • Accounting.
    • Sales.
    • Negotiations.
    • Interior design.
    • Architecture.
    • Coding.
Although we might occasionally ask you to carry a 300 kg team desk 6 floors up.
Or help us write our next pitch deck. And if you want to design a meeting room or take a person on a tour, we won't stop you.

What you need to be:
    • Highly organized.
    • Self-responsible.
    • Experienced in Social Media.
    • Experienced in Digital Marketing.
    • Skilled writer.
    • Proficient in English.
    • Knowledgeable of the IT industry.
    • Like at least know what a unicorn is.
    • And who Elon Musk is.
    • And bonus points if you know what React.js is.
    • Creative.
    • Content producer.
    • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator user.

What you don't need to be, but we will appreciate if you are:
    • Generally cool.
    • Easy-going.
    • Good at shooting videos.
    • Fun.
    • Open-minded.
    • Good at taking photos.
    • Barefoot.
Who we are:
    • We were an IT startup.
    • We came to Sofia in October 2014.
    • We wanted a cool office.
    • We couldn't find one.
    • So we build a coworking office.
    • We opened it in October 2015.
    • We used to be 800 m2.
    • Now we are 3,000 m2.
    • We used to have 80 people.
    • Now it's like 350.
    • We used to be CowOrKing Space by Puzl.
    • We rebranded.
    • Now we are Puzl CowOrKing.
    • It's simpler.
    • We are IT only.
    • And we are an IT Hub now.
    • The biggest one.
    • But just in Central and Eastern Europe.
    • For now.
    • We are expanding.
    • 2,500 m2 in renovation.
    • Plans for 50,000 m2 more in the next year.
    • And then we'd like to grow some more.
    • We hear Vilnius, Berlin and Prague are nice.
    • We plan on paying them a visit.
    • We might like it and stay permanently.
    • We like good food.
    • And coffee.
    • But we prefer mojitos.

What you should know:
    • We don't have bosses.
    • We don't have a management team.
    • We don't micromanage.
    • We are doers.
    • We expect you will be one, too.
    • You manage yourself.
    • You make your own tasks.
    • We trust you to execute them.
    • We don't meddle.
    • But we discuss.
    • And we can help (If you want us to).
    • We want results.
    • It's up to you how to achieve them.
    • We all make mistakes.
    • We don't deal in excuses and justifications.
    • And we don't blame.
    • If you fail once it's fine.
    • But we will expect you'll learn a lesson.
    • And won't repeat the same mistake twice.
    • We work like that.

Why join?
    • No bosses.
    • You matter.
    • You have freedom.
    • We have a beautiful office.
    • We designed it.
    • Also, a roof.
    • We share.
    • We pay based on skills.
    • And market dynamics.
    • Not negotiation skills.

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