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1 June - Crowdfunding with Indiegogo at Puzl
7 months ago

On June 1st, 6:30 PM we are hosting a free admission workshop with Indigogo on crowdfunding or how the crowd can finance your projects.


Speaker is Inna Boyadzhieva, Indiegogo Academic Program Bulgaria. She is a founder of BBU foundation, Forbes Women Society member and organiser at Sofia Business Club.


Workshop duration: 120 minutes divided into two parts.


First part will cover: a show and tell, during which will be shown the basic requirements in order to create a working campaign in INDIEGOGO, the most common mistakes and of course - what you need to know before you start a campaign - what is the funding of the crowd, what projects can be financed, what are the usual amounts of funding and how this can be used as a successful tool for validating ideas.

The second part is the real work: where you will be given a task during which two concrete project ideas will be developed on the INDIEGOGO platform, with examples of the successful and unsuccessful campaign being presented.


We are expecting you!

Check out the Facebook event.

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