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11 and 12 April - Startup Yard Workshops
8 months ago

April 11 - From an AI Idea to a Real Global Business


Do you have a Deep Tech idea that could potentially become a tech startup? This is your ideal chance to find out what it takes. StartupYard CEO Cedric Maloux will walk attendees through the process of turning AI and other Deep Tech start-ups into thriving businesses, from proving their concepts with real-life pilot customers to signing their first paying clients, and gain venture investment.

This workshop will go into detail about how StartupYard has guided startups like TeskaLabs, Neuron Soundware, and Rossum, from idea phase, to seed investments and onto the market.


More info on the Facebook event.


April 12 - Deep Tech Positioning and Storytelling


On April 12 at 10am to 12pm, StartupYard's head of communication and community Lloyd Waldo, will show would-be entrepreneurs how early stage startups in Deep Tech can use practical storytelling skills to convince the earliest stakeholders (including co-founders, investors, customers, and employees), of the power of a new idea, by transforming it from dry description and speculation into a compelling narrative, that puts you in control of the conversation.

This workshop will include hands-on strategies for positioning that will provide entrepreneurs with the toolset necessary to construct a persuasive and powerful story about themselves and their vision of the future.


More info on the Facebook event.

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