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12 June - Securing Sensitive Data on Azure // AUGB
6 months ago

This month's Azure Meetup will be about Securing Sensitive Data on Azure and speaker will be Hristomir Hristov. He is a .NET developer with more than 10 years of experience. 

The share of products and services that will shift to cloud will grow incredibly in near future. Besides the price, however, the main concern that customers have when they are offered a cloud service or solution is securing their data. This is particularly pronounced when it comes to really sensitive data. Azure provides a wide range of security techniques. We will go through most of them such as Azure Key Vault, Row Level Security, Dynamic Data Masking, Always Encrypted and others. We will also go into details for a couple of them focusing on scenarios for usage and their performance hit.


Free entrance, beer and pizza are included as usual.

Check out the Facebook event.

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