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14 September - Coherent Labs's WebVR Incubator
4 months ago

If you are curious to learn what WebVR is and how it will transform industries such as News media, digital advertising, and healthcare, join us on the 14th of September at The Factory, Puzl CowOrKing.

The WebVR Incubator is an initiative of Coherent Labs aiming to help teams develop immersive experiences in VR. For the last 3 months, four teams have been working in a shared space equipped with the latest VR technologies. Now, they are ready to share more about this journey and show their progress.



Empact - VR/WebVR studio focused on creating positive impact
VRBrain - reducing the MRI diagnostics mistakes to 5%
Centroida - building the UI framework for WebVR
VRandus - building visual editor for WebVR

September 14 // 19:30
Puzl CowOrKing, Floor 4


Space is limited so please follow this link and register!

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