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15 June - NGRX Apps in Depth
6 months ago

Hi guys and gals :)

The Angular Sofia event in June will be dedicated to NGRX again. After the reactive state management introduction that we had in February, this presentation will be focused on integration between state-of-the-art Angular, component libraries and supporting technologies, necessary to build a scalable and performant single-page app. The topic will be presented by Trayan Iliev and will include:
- Composing NGRX Reducers, Selectors and Middleware;
- Computing derived data using Reselect-style memoization with RxJS;
- NGRX Router integration;
- Normalization/denormalization and keeping data locally in IndexedDB;
- Processing Observable (hot) streams of async actions, and isolating the side effects using @Effect decorator with NGRX/RxJS reactive transforms;
- Integration of Material Design with third party component libraries like PrimeNG;
- more: webpack, HMR, lazy loading, AOT

Trayan is founder and CEO of IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies (http://iproduct.org/) – IT consultancy and training company specialized in web and mobile technologies, fullstack JavaScipt/TypeScript, SQL/NoSQL, Java server programming. Recently he has focused on reactive programming of single-page applications (Angular, React, Redux), IoT and robotics with RxJS & Spring Reactor. He is Oracle (OCJP6) & OMG certified software developer, project manager, and trainer with 15+ years experience, organiser of Java robotics and IoT hackathons in Sofia and Plovdiv. Trayan is a frequent speaker at BGJUG and BGOUG conferences (9 talks), as well as international developer conferences: jPrime, jPofessionals, Voxxed Days.


- Spread the word about this event to your geeky friends and colleagues.

- You can join the event on Meetup and Facebook.

- Everyone is welcome!

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