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17 May - Effective communication is mission possible w/t NLP
7 months ago

Sometimes the only difference between success and failure is based on the way you present, promote and sell your idea to key investors and customers. What can NLP do to empower you to present yourself and your products better, creating the results you see for?

Provide you with practical, insightful, simple strategies to apply on a day to day basis in communication with valuable stakeholders such as key investors and clients. Understanding the difference in the way different brains process information and communicating effectively with each investor and client based on the unique differences!

What are the advantages for your business of applying the tools of NLP?

By attending the practical event on 17th of May from 18h - 19h you will learn how to use these strategies:
1) the ability to talk in different representational systems
2) NLP Modalities
3) NLP Rapport with key investors and clients.

What will these strategies create for you and your business?

1) Increased sales
2) Better performance while presenting your ideas to key investors and customers
3) Lasting and stronger relationships with key investors and clients
4) A new, unique approach in communication towards each person
5) A better understanding of the way you process information and study in the fastest and most effective manner
6) Less conflicts more success and profits

Who is this demonstration beneficial for:

1. heartfelt entrepreneurs
2. startup owners and co-workers
3. small business owners
4. freelancers
5. people who crave for change; opening a new chapter in their lives

Info about the coach:

Lora Tsankova - Life Strategist and Business Coach focused on creating extraordinary results, that achieve the extra mile. Life and Business are two areas that interconnect and affect how we feel and what we even believe is possible to achieve. My mission is to empower my clients - business owners, heartfelt entrepreneurs, startup owners, freelancers or people who crave to open a new chapter in their lives to be in their most productive, inspired and successful states most of the time. I have combined my business education and experience with my passion for empowering people, seeing them thrive and overachieve their own goals. This is achieved via the combination of a few methods: Tonny Robbins breaking through strategies, NLP tools and methods plus Human Design. For more information, check here: http://www.coachloratsankova.com/


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