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18 October - Practical Tips and Tricks on Cashflow
3 months ago

As many of the company founders are struggling with the questions of how to obtain the necessary resources for the normal functioning of their companies, we invited some financial experts and the company founders to share their experience how they solved the liquidity problem and the different options for small business financing.

We will look into 3 scenarios:

1. You may have issues covering your month to month costs due to delayed payments or seasonality. Storytelling by Petar Petrov from Hakomo, who just buttoned this down.

2. Further optimizations of the cashflow model and the benefits of the good structure. Storytelling by Victor Minchev, who will share how cash flow optimization helped him establish a successful end-to-end consulting services in the development and integration of Business Intelligence solutions.

3. Using instruments and tactics offensively for growth.Storytelling by Roman Angelov - founder of Dimiroma Ltd. Roman will share how within a year, with the help of funding, has implemented several successful projects.

We will wrap up with questions, discussion and access to specialists to be even more productive.

October 18 // 19:00
Puzl CowOrKing, Floor 4

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