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23 November - Hyperledger - Blockchain for business
2 months ago

A talk by leading Hyperledger expert Ivan Vankov on the problems this technology solves and how its components work together. 


1. Why real businesses won't use blockchain with cryptocurrency for their opperations?

2. What existing problems does Hyperledger solve and why do they lead to new, still impractical business models?

3. What are the components of Hyperledger and how do they work together?

4. What is Endorsement and Chaincode Simulation? Why is Order service critical?


5. Real projects that use Hyperledger and ideas for future projects.

6. Q&A

7. Networking


Ivan Vankov gatakka is one of the leading experts on Hyperledger and one of the few people with real working projects based on this technology. He trains teams of big companies and works closely with the IBM engineering team regarding Hyperledger. The company he works for is a member of Linux Foundation and a board member of Hyperledger Foundation.


The event is free, but registration is mandatory:

November 23 // 19:15
Puzl CowOrKing, Floor 4

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