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23 October - Offline Progressive Applications
3 months ago

Ilia Idakiev will join again as a speaker and his talk will be about Offline Progressive Applications with Angular and Node.


- Service Workers
- Application Manifest
- Cache API
- IndexedDB
- Notification API
- Web Push Protocol
- HTTP/2

During the talk, you will also take a look at a real server-side rendered progressive app which supports offline mode.

There will be plenty of time for chat and drinks after the session.

The Speaker:

Ilia is a developer-entrepreneur and a JavaScript enthusiast that has years of experience in web application development. He is also one of the lecturers of the "Advanced JavaScript" course in FMI. Ilia organizes and participates in many JavaScript related events, and in his spare time he likes collecting and playing vinyl on different musical events.

October 23 // 19:00
Puzl CowOrKing, Floor 4


- Spread the word about this event to your geeky friends and colleagues.
- You can join the event in meetup
- Everyone is welcome!

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