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26 May - SYSF
7 months ago

Before you leave for your summer adventures, we would like to invite you to the next SYSF event. We have 10 Cupcakes and Sweet Maze Run presenting.

10 Cupcakes sounds like the next Candy Crush, but it can’t be any more different than it. This is a room scale virtual reality narration driven game. The game involves stopping an alien invasion, kissing a bunch of girls and saving the world. Colorado Stark and his team will be presenting some new gameplay ideas that are only possible in room scale VR. We will have a live demo and are looking for volunteers to test what they have so far.

Nikolai Lukqnov, an animator at Snapshot Games, will introduce us to his first solo project: Sweet Maze Run. The game is something like Endless Run: some cute animals running around a maze.

It will be sweet! Join us.


Check out the Facebook event.

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