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5 May - Your startup needs sales. DigitalK event
7 months ago

Historically Bulgarians are great with technology, average with products and not that good with sales. Your startup will not survive unless you figure your sales strategy and go to international markets. Care to learn how?

Join us for an interactive workshop at CowOrKing Space by Puzl, on 5th June at 7 pm as part of the DigitalK 2017 satellite events program. Meet Ivaylo Hristov from StartUp Foundation and DEV.BG and Janet Todorova from the Founder Institute, who will share insights from their experience.

Janet was part of the core team that developed the business strategy at Honeypot, a Berlin startup - marketplace that connects software developers and tech companies. She will share hands-on experience how to solve the chicken-and-egg problem that marketplaces face.

Ivaylo has experience in developing IT products, business development and scaling IT companies. He will share a few sales tricks and tactics.

What to expect? This event will be all about games and action. Sick of boring presentations? Just come over and have some fun with us.

After the workshop, we will stay around for questions and networking.

The event is part of DigitalWeek - a curated selection of events, dedicated to the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation and the new technologies, which have an impact on the Bulgarian startup ecosystem. For more information about DigitalWeek, as well as the full DigitalK agenda, go to www.digitalk.bg


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