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8 November - The King Hour #2: Polyglot Persistence
about 1 year ago
Skill Sharing Event Sofia Coworking Space DataStork

When? November 8th (Tuesday) at 18:30

Where? Puzl CowOrKing, floor 4



After a nice start to the series thanks to StoreGecko, next up to share his skills and experience will be Doichin Yordanov from DataStork.

Engineers developing layers for large data throughput, often start with some design, database and IT stack of choice, which scales up to a certain point. Unfortunately, that point is passed exactly when the business explodes and truly starts to rely on the IT stack, disruptive re-design and downtime is the last thing the business needs. In this talk, Doichin will open a discussion for different patterns and approaches that help engineers overcome design and technology related scalability limits with no major disruptions for the end-users.

About Doichin:
Doichin Yordanov is the Founder & CEO of DataStork, which specializes in non-disruptive data transformation solutions, consultancy, training and outsourcing. His areas of expertise include scalable systems and persistence architectures. He’s also the author of various patents and papers in the areas of polyglot persistence and non-disruptive data transformation. He’s also been in VMware as an architect, tech lead and manger and in SAP as a developer and tech lead.


Facebook event: http://bit.ly/2ez0lpo

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