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[HIRED] Become Puzl CowOrKing's new Intern Data Researcher!
3 months ago

Become Puzl CowOrKing's Intern Data Researcher! We've been growing pretty fast. We plan to grow even faster. To make that happen we need to do research. And gather some data. And then analyze that data. And maybe summarize it. See where we are going?
(Basically, we have the D and we miss the R in R&D.)
Note: This is a paid internship position with the option to become a full-time job, depending on results.
What you probably will do:
 • Our research. (Didn't see that one coming, did 'ya?)
 • Our competition research.
 • Our ecosystem analysis.
 • Our real estate exploration.
 • Our banks comparison.
 • Our governmental research.
 • Our data gathering.
 • Our data analyzing.
 • And our data reports.
(Note: How you gather data is up to you, as long as it doesn't include shady black market trading and stuff.)
What that means:
 • You'll be researching. (Gotcha again.)
 • Actually, you'll be leading the research.
 • Which is kind of pretty important.
 • We'll make key decisions based on your findings.
 • Not 100% on them.
 • But they'll have plenty of weight.
 • So you'll do that.
What that means, but in details:
 • Researching our competition.
 • Locally and internationally.
 • Their pricing, location, value, growth, etc.
 • Basically, keeping a close eye on our competitors.
 • Every. Single. One.
 • Analyzing the ecosystem.
 • Across Europe.
 • Investment funds.
 • Successful startups.
 • Large enterprises.
 • Things like that.
 • Exploring real state options.
 • In different cities.
 • Their location, pricing, public transport access.
 • Digging deep into government stuff.
 • Law specifics in a country.
 • Like taxes.
 • That one is important.
 • Also permits.
 • National entrepreneur programs.
 • Also EU innovation ones.
What you probably won't do:
 • Accounting.
 • Architecture.
 • Cleaning.
 • Coding.
 • Invoices.
 • Sales.
 • Design.
 • Interior or Graphic.
 • Social Media.
Although we might occasionally ask you to assemble a sofa. You know, for fun. Or help us visualize data in a presentation.
What you need to be:
 • Highly organized.
 • Self-responsible.
 • Experienced in empirical research.
   (We like verifiable stuff, not theories).
 • Proficient in English.
 • Excellent writer.
 • Storyteller.
   (Data is not very useful if there's no explanation).
 • Analytical thinker.
 • Strategist.
 • Knowledgeable of the IT and financial markets.
 • Like at least know what seed money is.
 • And who Elon Musk is.
 • And bonus points if you know what DESI is.
   (Tip: All of the above you can research. :O )
 • Team player.
 • Able to prioritize.
 • MS Office power user. (Obviously)
What you don't need to be, but we'll appreciate if you are:
 • Generally cool.
 • Easy-going.
 • Good at assembling sofas.
 • Fun.
 • Open-minded.
 • Good at singing.
   (We still missing a good singer in the team).
 • Barefoot.
Who we are:
 • We were an IT startup.
 • We came to Sofia in October 2014.
 • We wanted a cool office.
 • We couldn't find one.
 • So we build a coworking office.
 • We opened it in October 2015.
 • We used to be 800 m2.
 • Now we are 3,000 m2.
 • We used to have 80 people.
 • Now it's like 350.
 • We used to be CowOrKing Space by Puzl.
 • We rebranded.
 • Now we are Puzl CowOrKing.
 • It's simpler.
 • We are IT only.
 • We are the best coworking in Bulgaria.
 • And the biggest one.
 • But just in Central and Eastern Europe.
 • For now.
 • We are expanding.
 • 2,500 m2 in renovation.
 • Plans for A LOT more in the next year.
 • And then we'd like to grow some more.
 • We hear Vilnius, Berlin and Prague are nice.
 • We plan on paying them a visit.
 • We might like it and stay permanently.
 • We like good food.
 • And coffee.
 • But we prefer mojitos.
What you should know:
 • We don't have bosses.
 • We don't have a management team.
 • We don't micromanage.
 • We are doers.
 • We expect you will be one, too.
 • You manage yourself.
 • You make your own tasks.
 • We trust you to execute them.
 • We don't meddle.
 • But we discuss.
 • And we can help (If you want us to).
 • We want results.
 • It's up to you how to achieve them.
 • We all make mistakes.
 • We don't deal in excuses and justifications.
 • And we don't blame.
 • If you fail once it's fine.
 • But we will expect you'll learn a lesson.
 • And won't repeat the same mistake twice.
 • We work like that.
Why join?
 • No bosses.
 • You matter.
 • You have freedom.
 • We have a beautiful office.
 • We designed it.
 • Also, a roof.
 • We share.
 • We pay our interns.
 • And treat them properly.
 • We provide growth opportunities.
How to apply?

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