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Frequently Asked Questions.

CK: Control Centre, this is Nomad, The Cow King. Requesting Space travel details. Over.

CC: Cow King! What details do you need?

CK: I have some questions about the Space and the Community of Space travellers!

CC: OK Nomad, It just so happens that I may have the answers you’re looking for.

CC: Ask away Nomad. CC on stand-by.

CK: What’s Puzl CowOrKing?

CC: Puzl CowOrKing is an IT Office ran like a Community. We’re uniting the IT community within an awesome working place in order to help each other grow personally and professionally through sharing, partnering, advising and working together.


CK: Where exactly are you located?

CC: The exact coordinates of the Puzl CowOrKing are blv. Cherni Vrah 47A, floor 5, in the SIVEN business building. A Lidl is situated on the ground floor. The entrance of the office is directly on the right of the Lidl entrance.


CK: How can I get there? Any public transports? Any place for my car?

CC: Yes, you may use the metro – the nearest metro station currently is James Boucher, but the municipality of Sofia is assuring that in June 2016 the new Vitosha station will open just 300m from the office. You may also use public transport buses number 98, 10-ТМ, 88 and 120 to get to the Space.

Parking spaces are also available within the premises of the building for both members and visitors!


CK: What should I bring to work at the Puzl CowOrKing?

CC: To work here, you need your rocket, computer and a smile. We’ll provide high quality and extremely comfortable office furniture, high speed internet and everything that you need for productive work. When you join the Space, a desk is assigned to you for the entire length of your Space journey – so do not hesitate to bring any personal effects to help boost your productivity!


CK: What do you mean by high speed Internet?

CC: Every CowOrKing member gets a dedicated cable for the Internet. To ensure the connection is fast, stable and reliable we’re working with two completely independent Internet providers; each with their own infrastructure. This means that if the connections to one provider is lost, we will still have Internet. As backup for the worst case scenario we also have an LTE connection.


CK: What about heating and cooling, how does it work?

CC: We’ve equipped the space with а professional ventilation system, complimented with high-end professional Samsung ACs. The ventilation system provides constant fresh air in the space and the temperature is perfected with the ACs.


CK: Ok, so it is the lights you got wrong then?

CC: No, even the lights are right! We’ve done our homework!  The colour emitted by our LEDs is the equivalent of mid-day natural light designed to bring you energy during the day. The intensity has also been adjusted to perfectly compliment the light emitted from your monitors. You can thus work long hours while avoiding the common light related headaches and eye pains.


CK: What are the working hours for the space?

CC: We’re open 24/7, so no matter if you’re a morning or an evening person or even a night owl – you’ll have access anytime. As the co-working has a controlled access system, when joining you receive an access card allowing you to safely come and go as you see fit.


CK: What does an office space at the Puzl CowOrKing include?

CC: Each work station is equipped with a desk (dedicated or shared), a chair, 3 electricity plugs, an internet cable and a locker. As a member of our IT community you’ll get a fair access to the common areas – meeting, game and brainstorming rooms, kitchen and relaxation area.


CK: Do you have private offices?

CC: By the time our expansion plans are achieved, we will have 15 closed offices, starting from 4 going to roughly 40 people per office. Our aim is to help each member of the space grow personally and professionally. We want you to be able to grow from 1 to 40 without having to move any further than a couple of metres.


CK: How much do I need in order to book a space?

CC: CowOrKing Space requires a deposit in the amount of one-month worth of rent. If you wish to reserve one of the offices from the future extension, then only half a month rent is required as a deposit.


CK: What is included in the rent price?

CC: We’ve got you covered in the space. For the price everybody gets a desk, a super comfortable IKEA chair, 3 electrical plugs, high speed cable internet (and wi-fi for recreation), free water and subsidized tea and coffee, fair use of the common areas (kitchen, relax zone, meetings, gaming, pitch room and brainstorming rooms) and fair printing. Moreover, as a member of the space you’ll be part of an amazing IT community, which we believe is priceless.


CK: Do all agreements begin on the 1st of each month?

CC: No, you may come and join us whenever you’re ready. Your monthly rent will be prorated depending on the remaining days of the month.


CK: Can guests visit me at the space?

CC: Yes of course, we love visitors and we’re happy to share the space with other people.  To make your meetings more comfortable you may use the common areas – kitchen, relax zone, meeting, game and brainstorming rooms. Please note that as a member of the CowOrKing Space, you are responsible for your guests while they are in the space.


CK: Can I host events at the Puzl CowOrKing?

CC: We like meetups and events as they help people grow professionally. If you wish to organize a meetup, simply make sure that there is availability in the space and speak to the Chief Navigator to help you. If you build a free community event then we will help you by providing a room free of charge!


CK: Can I join if I am not in IT?

CC: Puzl CowOrKing is an IT Office. We’re gathering companies and individuals in the IT sphere to share knowledge and experience and help each other. We’re not trying to say no, but in order to benefit by the community you need to be part of the IT sphere or in the IT support line of business.


CK: Will you help me grow?

CC: We believe that being part of a community helps everybody grow and we will try to always help one another any way we can. Many meetups and workshops are organized purely to help each other grow.


CK: Do you have meeting spaces available?

CC: Yes, we have plenty of meeting spaces. Moreover, the use of the meeting spaces is unlimited too all members of the community. For your meetings you may use our Meeting rooms (capacity 4-15), the Brainstorming room (capacity 15-20), the Gaming room (capacity 40-50) or the Presentation room (capacity 60-80). When the rooftop garden is ready an event space for about 200 people will be available. It will actually be able to host big events and parties for more than 500 people.


CK: I like to chill. Any cool place in your Space where I can do that?

CC: For chilling you may use the relaxation area, where you can enjoy special chairs and sofas. If you’re a fan of the active relaxation, you’re welcome to challenge the other team members and play table tennis, foosball, darts etc. in the Gaming room. A lot more to come soon on that front!


CK: If I want to come a few days a month can you accommodate me?

We do have Flex desks available in the factory floor. These work for people who want to work from an office 5 or 10 days a month. We will add more Surf desks on the roof once completed.


CK: OK, you got me – can I test the space?

CC: Sure! Just contact us! Testing is of course free of charge!


CK: How can I visit?

CC: You only need to contact the Chief Navigator! She will help you with all the required preparations for your space travel.


Satisfied with the answers? Good, good. Now call/mail us and book a free test day. We'll be waiting.


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in Sofia, Bulgaria.


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