Logo letter

CowOrKing Terms.

CK: Control Centre, this is Nomad, The Cow King. Requesting Space entry clearance. Over.


CC: Denied, Cow King. To enter the Space you are first required to read and agree to the rules of Community Space travel!


CK: What do you mean CC, I am the Cow King I need no rules!


CC: Listen CK, Space Travel can take years while being in close confinement with your Spaceship voyagers. Better create and follow some basic rules of living in a community to make sure things stay under control.


CK: Roger CC. I am not a big fan of rules but I will read and comply.


CC: Be warned Nomad, entering the space implies you have read and agreed to the below rules! Over.


Last Updated on 14.06.2017

The CowOrKing Space by Puzl is an IT Office ran like a Community. As such, we do not believe in enforcing rules, we believe the community to be self-driving itself to success with the help of our Chief Navigator.


Puzl, the company behind the creation of the CowOrKing Space, is just a member of the community. These rules apply to Puzl in the exact same way as to everyone else.

In the events of an issue relative to the space, we invite you to speak to the Chief Navigator. If the Chief Navigator is not available and only if he is not, we invite you to contact one of the members of the team of Puzl.


Petya Lipeva – Chief Navigator

Email: p.lipeva@puzl.com

Mobile: +359883308688        


Your liberty ends where the liberty of someone else begins.

Respect each other; respect the space that you work in. It is important that we all understand the rules of living in a community.


If you behave like a respectful member of the community worry, you should not. The below rules will be obvious to you. Common sense is not that common but we are sure you possess it.


We do not like control and do not wish to have to turn the space into a school classroom. As long as we all respect each other and live in an educated and cognitive manner then we should not need to impose anything on any of us!


Speaking in Open Spaces.

A big part of work is communication. We understand that this is a vital part of our daily routine. When speaking from the main space please restrain yourself from being too loud. If you believe that the time required for a discussion will exceed a few minutes then we invite you to move to the pair programming area or any other zones of the space that you feel are most adapted to your needs. 


Telephone and Skype in main Rooms.

A ring tone can easily get someone out of the zone. Please set your ring tones to vibration or at a civilised level of ringing so that you may hear your phone without disturbing other people.

Try to move whenever possible to the designated areas when speaking on the phone. The space has been created to propose many alternatives so use them! However, the meeting room, which can host 10 persons or more, is not the best place for a telephone conversation.


Usage of Meeting Spaces.

The use of the meeting room in addition to other meeting spaces is unlimited too all members of the community. A Teamup Calendar is available online to reserve spots. The only rule is not to fill in more than two meetings before at least one of them is consumed. You may use the following link to access the calendars and schedule your meetings: http://teamup.com/ksc4047734b8ba0bb9/

You’ll be only allowed to add new events in the calendar and read (but not change) the existing ones. If you’d like anything changed on the calendars, please do not hesitate to contact the Chief Navigator.

We hope that we will be able to regulate our usage of the meeting spaces that way. If this is not enough then we will have a sit down with the community to find a better system.


Meetings and meetups.

We like meetups as they help people grow professionally. We do not require any payments for meetups. If you wish to organise a meetup, simply speak to the Chief Navigator to make sure that there is availability in the space.


Meetups should preferably be organised after 6.30pm or at weekend to disturb as little as possible the work flow of other members of the space. Please note that meetups cannot be organised in the open spaces of the CowOrKing. The meeting room, brainstorming, Games room, relaxation area or even kitchen are available spaces to organise such gathering. Soon the roof terrace will be the perfect space to host meetups as well.


If someone from outside the community that you know wishes to organise a meetup within the space, please contact the Chef Navigator. Please note that members are responsible for the persons that they invite to the space.


Once the meeting or event is completed, please return the room to its original state.


Again – Only IT or IT related meetups are hosted.


Organising events.

Events are a larger type of meetup that usually require a more precise organisation. We currently have available for events a room of 120m2 in addition to the games room of 60m2 that can be used as a support room or as a projection space.

Soon the roof terrace will offer a 450 m2 closed space for events and a 950m2 open wood deck with an amazing view over the city and Vitosha Mountain.


Fair Use of Internet.

Internet is a vital part of our work. There is nothing more infuriating than having to wait for Internet Explorer (RIP.) to open… For that purpose, the CowOrKing Space’s internet is very good.

  • Two times 100Mb Guaranteed internet contracts signed with two different providers.
  • Every workstation has a dedicated RJ45 plug (sorry Mac lovers you’ll need an adaptor).
  • Wireless is available as support across the space (4 access points).

Each person joining the space receives an internet cable upon arrival. Cable, which shall be returned upon your departure of the space.


If we see that the internet speed is not sufficient to withstand traffic then we will simply add more! However, living in a community comes with responsibilities.

  • We ask everyone to use the RJ45 plug to connect their PC when sitting at their desks. The reason for this is that wireless is by definition unhealthy and unsafe; so let’s keep it at a minimum.
  • If you do have an RJ45 entry on your PC we invite you to purchase an adaptor. The wireless is available for your phone or while working nomad around the space. Please note that the wireless network is restrained to only utilise a maximum of 20% of the total internet capacity of the office – the cable will always be faster!
  • Downloading illegal content is absolutely forbidden. We do NOT support pirating. Do NOT download pirated content from torrent trackers via our network. In the event of copyright infringement you are deemed solely responsible for your actions and in no way can Puzl CowOrKing be made legally responsible.
  • Pause your torrents while being in the space. The internet is constantly distributed across active sessions. We also have a monitoring system in place to control abuses.  So please keep the internet for work and fun but not too much fun…
  • If you need a server in the space, no problem, we will make space in Cerebrus. However, if you want your server to be an external one, then let us know and we will take an extra dedicated internet connection to cover your needs. This connection will be at your own cost though.


Inviting Visitors and Friends.

You are personally responsible for any persons that you invite to the space. Please make sure that you remain with them at all times while being within the CowOrKing Space.


We also recommend limiting visits to strictly business from 8 am to 7 pm within working days. The CowOrKing Space is before all a place to work. If any member complains of the presence of one of your visitors try to work things directly with that member. If not able to solve the issue alone then refer to the Chief Navigator of the space.


Printing, copying and scanning.

Printing, copying and scanning – both colour and black and white – is available on the premises of the space. We are offering included in the rent 100 b/w printing per month per member.


Here are some details that will help you to set up the printer: http://cerebrus.puzlteam.com/how-to/install-printer/


If you require a large quantity of printing, the CowOrKing has negotiated discounts at a nearby printing company (300m from office). Another option is to print at the space above the limit and cover the cost at the end of the month. Do not hesitate to contact the Chief Navigator for any questions related to printing.


Please restrain yourself from over printing! We are in IT… We should not require to over print documents… It is bad for the environment!


General Communication.

Good communication is at the heart of all communities. It is important that you speak to people around the space. Say hi, bye, present yourself, do not be afraid to meet and mingle!


In addition to face-to-face constant interactions, we have created notice boards and one universal online communication channel for all (coworkingspace.slack.com). We hope that you will use those as much as possible to share ideas, request help, ask questions but also share funny posts with the members of the space.


To get you set up, just drop a line to the Chief Navigator and you’ll receive an invite to your email.


The Facebook Page and other Social Media of the Space.

We are a community. As such, we believe that everyone should have access to all Social Media of the Space. We have created accounts on most important Social Media and you can find us by searching CowOrKingSpaceByPuzl.


If you wish to post something on one of the Social Media accounts of the Space, contact the Chief Navigator whom I am sure will be happy to share.


We furthermore plan to give access to our Social Media profiles to all Marketing Specialists members of the Space. We impose only one rule: Do not overly promote your company and/or product. If you just got a great article or reached a big milestone like the release of an extremely important version, then you may be able to post. However, please do not abuse it. Furthermore, restrain yourself from liking your own posts or pages using the CowOrKing Profiles. If abused, we will revoke your access rights to the Social Media of CowOrKing Space.


Usage of the cinema equipment and video games.

We love watching movies and playing videos games! This is why we have added very high-quality gears to the space. This tech allows us to get the Cinema Experience within the office! Due to the location of the brainstorming room, please note that you can only use the sound system after working hours. This means that you are not allowed to watch movies or play games with sound before 6 pm.


You are welcome to utilise the equipment in the evening to organise movies or gaming nights! However, you are responsible for the good usage of the equipment in addition to being responsible for the good behaviour of the persons that you invite within the space. You are responsible for damage that may occur to the equipment while being used by you or your guests.


If someone from the space complaints about the noise made while watching a movie or playing games, please note that work always prevails!


Requesting help from the Community.

We are here to help each other get better and grow faster. You may have a problem that needs fixing and someone else in the community may have fixed it before. You may need the help of a designer but happen to have idled marketing skills. Sharing and helping each other will ultimately benefit all of us.


We also have a place where you can add customer requests you cannot serve and/or received CVs of persons that may be of value to a team in the space but does not suit your current needs.


Communication channels and white boards are available across the space to request help, propose ideas and improvements, transfer customers that you currently cannot handle, etc.


Recruitment within the CowOrKing Community.

This rule is crucial to the space. We DO NOT try to attract employees from other companies that are members of the Space! It is both reckless and unhealthy for the community.


Forcing the recruitment of someone from another company, part of the community, will lead to you being excluded from the space and the loss of your deposit, which will then be given to the other company as compensation.


If you are approached by one of the members of the community either refuse or speak to the concerned company.


If you wish to recruit someone from the space then wait at least 2 months after they have left their existing company to recruit them, unless the existing company of the employee agrees to his recruitment.


You are legally responsibility for the tools you are using.

The CowOrKing Space cannot be deemed responsible for the legality of the software and/or hardware you are using and/or bringing to the office space. You are responsible for assuring that your equipment respects the laws dictated by Bulgaria and the European Union.

In the event of copyright infringement you are deemed solely responsible for your actions and in no way can the CowOrKing Space be made legally responsible. This further applies to what you do, both online and offline, while being within the space.


Respect Privacy of other companies renting the space.

Working in a shared office means that you may be willingly – or unwillingly – introduced to trade secrets of other members of the space. It is of upmost importance that you treat this information with privacy. Do not share it with others unless specifically allowed by the above-mentioned company.


Cleaning of your work desk and other messes.

Two dedicated persons clean the space daily. Please note that they are here to do general cleaning and not to clean your personal mess.


We require that your desk looks acceptably organized (well we are in IT…) at all times.


If you make a big mess do not wait for the cleaners but sort it out yourself. If you use any glasses, mugs and other plates and cutlery placed at your disposal in the kitchen, please clean your dirty dishes and place them to dry on the right side of the sink.


For the aspiring firemen out there – if you cannot aim then just sit… And it goes without saying that you should flush after your business is done.


Eating in the space.

The space boasts a very nice kitchen and dining area for all to enjoy. We invite you to eat all potentially toxically smelling items in that designated area. In addition to cleaning, we would ask you not to leave bits and pieces of food lying around.


You are also welcome to store food in the fridge and freezer however please note that we cannot take responsibility for missing items! We may however help you try to catch the space Pirate that might be thieving around!


The CowOrKing Space is happy to provide all its members with free water in addition to subsidized coffee and tea (We have a contribution jar). We will not control it but we hope you will understand!



It is not allowed to smoke outside of the smoking room situated half a floor above the CowOrKing entrance. Our Sick Bay has been beautiful designed within an old ventilation shaft so do enjoy it. Soon the Roof Summer Terrace will be an extension to that smoking area!



We tolerate pets within the space under certain conditions. To allow your pet in the space, you need to make sure that he is calm, clean and has a place to sleep. IF anyone complains about the presence of your pet whether it is for allergies or noise, then sadly the pet will have to leave the premises.


You are furthermore responsible for any damages that your pet may make to the space.


Access cards.

Upon your arrival within the space, you are given your very own access card! This card is yours and yours only. If your card is lost, report it as fast as possible to the Chief Navigator in addition to posting it in the important notification of the Slack chat.


A new card may cost you 20 leva but the damages that could happen if not reported in time are far greater! You are indeed liable for any issues that may result from someone entering the space using your personal access card.


Nomad Space Council.

Community comes before individuals at the space. Each community needs direction and it should actually always come from the members themselves.


We therefore have created the Nomad Space Council. This council will meet every month to discuss improvements needed for the space, issues faced by the community or any other issues that should be raised.


A budget is kept aside for improvements to the space. This budget is based on the occupancy ratio. The Nomad Space Council will together vote on how best to spend it.


Furthermore, we may decide to create applications for the space. These will be the combination of skills shared from the community. All applications, once completed will be turned to open source as to benefit to other communities across the world.


Each and every member is welcomed to join the Nomad Space Council. As the space grows, it is possible that we create a smaller council by electing members of the community to meet on a more regular basis. (This point will be updated soon with the exact structure of the Council)


All issues faced by the CowOrKing should be reported to the Space Navigator. The Space Navigator will then prioritizes and organize those issues to be discussed at the next meeting of the CowOrKing Space. All discussions to be raised in front of the council will be shared to the community in our communication channels prior to that meeting.


Communal areas of the building.

While using the building’s communal areas you should be careful not to damage them. If you were to damage parts of the communal areas of the building, we ask you to directly refer to the Chief Navigator so that we can warn the owners of the building.


Please note that you are legally responsible for any damages to the common areas of the building – in additions to the ones of the space – incurred by you, your team or any third party brought to the building under your watch/invitation


Responsibility of the space in case of theft, fire or any other issue.

The CowOrKing Space cannot be deemed responsible or in any way liable for the loss of properties in case of theft, fire, or any other reason. We have taken specific steps to minimize all risk to the space and your belongings but cannot assure that the space is risk free.


In the event of a theft or missing personal property, we invite you to rapidly refer to the Chief Navigator. Video cameras are available to watch the office and those will be used to get information on where the missing items may have gone.


In the event of a fire, flood, natural disaster or any other external or internal factor that may damage the space and your properties; the CowOrKing Space has taken an insurance to protect its properties. We would advise you to do the same for you belongings, as the insurance of the space will in no way be able to cover losses that you have experienced.


Issues and/or Improvements.

We welcome any ideas to improve the CowOrKing. We also count on you to report any issues your find for us to be able to apply fixes. Please report ideas and issues to the official communication channels so that we can work on them as fast as possible.


The CowOrKing Space is yours as much as it is for every other member of the Community so if you want it to work well, defend and protect it.


Legal Mention.

Your incapacity to respect the above-mentioned rules on the usage of the CowOrKing Space will lead to you being automatically excluded from the space. Any damages or losses related to the wrong usage of the office space by you will remain your responsibility and be charged at your expenses.


Пъзл Уеб Офис ЕООД се управлява и под наименованието Puzl CowOrKing.


“Интернет” се определя като предоставена от Puzl CowOrKing услуга достъп до глобалната интернет мрежа като част от пакета услуги за всички Клиенти и свързани с тях лица.


“Клиент” се приема като определение за всички фирми, наемащи работни пространства в Puzl CowOrKing, като юридически лица и техните служители.


  1. Клиентът е единствено отговорен за всяко съдържание, което използва, споделя, публикува, предава, съхранява или прави достъпно по друг начин при използване на Интернет.


  1. Клиентът потвърждава и се съгласява, че Puzl CowOrKing не носи отговорност и няма задължение да преглежда и контролира съдържанието, което се предоставя на Клиента посредством достъп до Интернет. Puzl CowOrKing не контролира съдържанието използвано, публикувано или достъпно посредством ползването на достъп до Интернет.


  1. При ползване на Интернет, Клиентът се задължава да не изпраща нежелана поща (spam, junk email), да не използва технически средства с цел добиване на информация (hacking), да не извършва действия, които могат да бъдат квалифицирани като кражба на интелектуална собственост, корпоративен шпионаж и/или саботаж, повреждане или разрушаване на системи или информационни масиви (cracking), изпращане на вируси, смущаване нормалната работа на останалите потребители, както и да не извършва действия, които могат да се квалифицират като престъпление или административно нарушение по българското законодателство или по друго приложимо право.


  1.  Клиентът носи отговорност по отношение на правата на интелектуална собственост (авторски и сродни права) върху съдържанието, което използва или разпространява посредством Интернет (например, но не ограничено до, софтуер, музикални файлове, кинематографски или аудио-визуални произведения). Puzl CowOrKing не носи финансова отговорност в случай на претенции от трети лица, свързани с права на интелектуална собственост върху съдържанието, което използва или разпространява посредством достъп до Интернет. Клиентът се задължава да извършва дейността си законосъобразно, като си осигурява наличието на всички необходимите права, лицензи и други права и разрешения съгласно приложимото законодателство.


  1. Предоставяне на достъп до Интернет няма за цел отстъпването на авторски и/или други права на интелектуална собственост върху софтуер или други защитени от авторско право продукти и услуги, които Клиентът изтегля и използва в резултат на цитираният достъп.


  1. При публикуване на изображения, текст или др., които са обект на авторско право на трети лица, без изричното тяхно съгласие, използвайки предоставеният достъп до Интернет, Клиента носи цялата произтичаща от това действие отговорност. При съмнение за използване на подвеждащо съдържание, неистински оферти или информация която е злонамерена и увреждаща името на други юридически или физически лица умишлено или неволно, Puzl CowOrKing не носи отговорност и има право без предупреждение да преустанови достъпа до такава информация, както и временно да блокира достъпът на Клиента до Интернета.

You read all of this? You gorgeous persistent intergalactic piece of scum. We like you.


Built with love and milk
in Sofia, Bulgaria.


bul.”Cherni Vrah” 47A,
1407 Sofia, Bulgaria
089 969 6270